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Cay Islands Corporation

Sunset at the Beach

Vanilla Beach

Travel to the northernmost tip of the island paradise of Palawan and you’ll hit El Nido, a first class municipality that is legendary for its white sand beaches, teeming coral reefs, and impressive limestone cliffs. It is here that you will find Vanilla Beach, a five-hectare beachfront property in Barangay Corong Corong.Vanilla Beach is an environmentally-sustainable and tourist-friendly haven that features upscale amenities complementing the island’s natural wonders. Set against a backdrop of palm trees, soft sand, and the soothing susurration of the West Philippine Sea’s waves, this destination offers something for travelers, shoppers and investors alike.

You’d be hard pressed to find a fabulous commercial experience this far from the city, but the property is home to Shoppes at Vanilla Beach. A living, expanding outdoor mall that caters to both locals and visitors alike, this flourishing new social center has been dubbed as El Nido’s “New Town.” Its mix of restaurants and cafes, homegrown shops and boutiques, with open spaces for special activities has created a local scene that welcomes tastemakers, travelers and colorful local characters, to mix and mingle amid the breathtaking scenery. What’s best is that the sunset at Marimegmeg is only a few steps away.


Working by the Pool

Eagerly awaited by travelers who curate their lives on Instagram and TikTok is Kip&Kin, a new concept in hospitality that combines hotel and hostel under a single roof. Topside will be a 117-room hotel for families and those who prefer a traditional hotel stay. For millennials, Gen Z and the older set who defy their age, there is the hostel at the basement, with 84 bunk beds across 12 colorful rooms. It’s here where you can create your most vibrant content for TheGram. #blessed


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