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Long Beach Property Holdings

The Philippines possesses an aggregate 36,289 kilometers of coastline across the now 7,641 islands in the archipelago. In this vast collection of beachfront, the longest white beach in the country may be found in San Vicente, Palawan. Under the care of Discovery World Corporation subsidiary, Long Beach Property Holdings, Inc. (LBPHI), is a 3.8-hectare property located in Barangay New Agutaya, San Vicente, Palawan.

It is upon this pristine white beach that LBPHI is planning to build another resort development under Discovery’s new Kip & Kin concept, which combines quality hotel features with charming hostel characteristics under the same roof. Offering unique experiences for both the luxury traveler and the younger, more adventurous set, this 42-hotel room and 136-hostel bed hybrid resort concept will have a garden banquet space for outdoor events such as weddings, and a glamping area for guests who insist on roughing it in style.

In keeping with the ecology of the area, Kip & Kin San Vicente will incorporate authentic and sustainable materials and processes, combining the Kip & Kin brand of service with local touches, to provide the best of local adventure to its guests.

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