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Discovery Fleet Corporation


Discovery Fleet offers 3 destinations, Tubbataha, Apo Reef-Coron and Cebu-Malapascua-Visayas.

The Tubbataha (Palawan) route is intended for scuba safari expeditions to this UNESCO World Heritage site from late March to mid-June.

Apo Reef (Coron) offers World War 2 shipwrecks as well as a chance to snorkel and dive in the world’s 2nd largest contiguous coral reef on the planet.

The Cebu-Malapascua-Visayas route brings guests up close and personal with whale sharks, sardine schools and thresher sharks, amidst rich colorful reefs.

The Tubbataha route is a "divers-only" trip, while the Cebu-Malapascua-Visayas and Apo Reef-Coron routes welcome both divers and non-divers.

DFC operates Discovery Palawan. The M/Y (motor yacht) Discovery Palawan is a single-screw, passenger carrier of all steel welded construction with raked stern. Discovery Palawan made its first trip with Discovery corp in April 2013. Discovery Palawan meets all the safety standards with the Maritime Authority.

Discovery Palawan has 4 decks: bridge/bar deck, dining/boat deck, diving/saloon deck and lower room deck. Accommodations in the lower deck include 18 cabins – 16 guest standard cabins for vessel’s guest and 4 guest deluxe cabins on the upper deck.

Discovery Fleet also operates dive shop called Club Paradise Divers in Club Paradise Palawan.



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