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Lucky Cloud 9 Resort Inc.

It has been forty years since Siargao was “discovered” by Tony Arruza and Steve Jones, two surf explorers chasing after the perfect wave. Since that time, this small island in Surigao del Norte has slowly but inevitably become the premiere surf destination in the Philippines and one of the most desirable surf destinations in the world. Surfers come from around the world to revel in the island’s majestic surf spots, Caridad, Guyam, Cemetery, Jacking Horse, Pacifico, and, its most famous spot, Cloud 9.

It is this renowned surf spot that lends its name to Discovery World Corporation’s Lucky Cloud 9 Resort, Inc., which owns a strategically located 2.6-hectare property for development. This development aims to cater to surfers of all skill levels and travelers who long to have that sublime experience that is Siargao, wrapped in the level of hospitality one would expect from a Discovery resort. Lucky Cloud 9’s plans include a 34-hotel room and 48-hostel bed Kip & Kin resort that will serve both as a jumping off point for all parts on the island as well as a home base for the weary surf traveler, a place where he or she can kick back after a day riding the swells of Siargao.

While the planned resort will be ready to accept guests all year round, it is in the months between July and December, peaking in September and October, when surf season happens. This is when international competitions like the Siargao Cloud 9 Surfing Cup, one of the events in the annual calendar of the World Surfing League, draw top level competitors and surfing fans from across the country and the globe.

Lucky Cloud 9 wants to be an active partner in Siargao’s growth as a premiere Philippine destination. With its plans in place, this vision becomes all the more closer to grasp.

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